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How to Beat Cancer without Chemo – first steps guide to Metabolic Cancer Therapy

Cancer is not a genetic disease.

It’s not unpredictable and it’s not outside of your control. In fact, Cancer is beatable and treatable at any age and at any stage. Like so many others before me, I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at 40 years old and given only two years to live. But in just 90 days I was able to shrink my tumors by 30% and within the first year Im almost totally cancer free and living a healthy vibrant life.

Without chemo, radiation, or toxic medications.

No matter what the prognosis – You can beat your cancer too. But in order to fight back you first have to understand that cancer is a metabolic disease and survivors beat cancer with metabolic therapies.

I wrote this blog to outline the resources that I used to beat my cancer into submission and get my life back. Most everything you read on this page will be new to you and your oncologist is unlikely to know or agree with your journey into metabolic therapy.

You have to be strong and you have to be educated.

Listen to this before doing anything else: CANCER as a METABOLIC DISEASE

The bullet points below outline the most effective treatments and resources that I have used to shrink my tumors by more than 50% in just 6 months. Today, I’m asymptomatic and healthier and more vibrant than ever before. I’m also in full control of the disease and I no longer fear cancer. 

I believe cancer is beatable and treatable at any age and any stage but there’s a lot of new stuff to learn (and to un-learn). Take it one day at a time. 

Please let me know if you have questions or need clarity. You can ask me anything. 

  1. FOLLOW these accounts on Social Media. These are doctors and other cancer survivors (we call ourselves “Cancer Thrivers”) who are blogging or producing content on how to beat cancer. 
    1. Dr Nasha Winters 
    2. Dr Terry Harmon 
    3. Dr Eric Berg
    4. Dr Lori Buchard 
    5. How to Beat Cancer – This is me
    6. Maggie Jones – MostlyVeganKeto 
    7. Chris Wark – Chris Beat Cancer 
  1.  UNDERSTAND that cancer is a metabolic disease and NOT a genetic disease. You did not get this from your genes. Chemotherapy is genetic therapy which is why it does not work. Learn the metabolic therapies and you will learn how to beat your cancer from its root cause. 
    1. Read this – Summary of cancer as a metabolic disease 
    2. Listen to this – Challenging Conventional Cancer Care
    3. Read this – The Metabolic Approach Approach to Cancer
  1. BELIEVE that you will survive and thrive through this. Beating cancer metabolically is almost as hard as chemo and if you don’t believe your life is worth fighting for, you will struggle to do what it takes. Survivors believe they will survive and you must build your belief. 
    1. Watch: Heal Documentary on Prime
    2. Listen to this: Radical Remission on Audible 
      1. This was the most important book on my journey. I listened to it every night and I even bought copies for my family
  1. START FASTING – fasting has been the most effective tool in my arsenal. I did scans before and after a 7-day water fast and shrunk my tumor 30%. Fasting works because cancer only eats when you eat and cancer is smaller than you THEREFORE you starve cancer of food and it will die long before you starve. This is a metabolic therapy. 
    1. Read – Keto for Cancer 
    2. Read – Radical Remission
    3. Watch – Fasting for Cancer Dr Eric Berg
    4. Watch- Dr Alan Goldhammer 
    5. Read – Dr Alan Goldhammer beats cancer
    6. Call – True North Health Center, Dr Gracies Wellness Center 
  1. START OFF LABEL DRUGS – the Care Oncology Clinic is an online cancer center that can prescribe you a series of 4 drugs that will starve your cancer out from 4 different pathways. 
    1. Call CoC 
    2. Watch this – How to Starve Cancer 
    3. Join this Group – How to Starve Cancer 
  1. START KETO VEGAN DIET – Stop eating meat and dairy right now. Stop eating sugar, carbs, and fruit right now. Cancer eats glucose and protein. You need to adopt a no sugar, low-protein diet NOW. Then you’ll get an integrative doctor who can help you customize a diet plan for you. 
    1. Read this – How to Starve Cancer 
    2. Visit – 
    3. Visit – 
  1. GET an INTEGRATIVE DOCTOR – You need to build a medical team that will consist of your oncologist who can get you X-rays and CT scans but you also need an Integrative Oncologist or a Naturopath who can prescription you IV Drips, Hyperbaric Chambers, and other Metabolic therapies.
    1. Use DuckDuckGo instead of Google 
    2. Search Integrative Doctor + Your Town 
    3. Call Dr Jake at Integrative Medica 
    4. Ask about IV Vitamin C, Poly DCA, MVA 
    5. Mistletoe & Artemisinin 
    6. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (we bought one)  
    7. IR Sauna (we bought one) 
  1. LEARN about Chemotherapy and Radiation – one of my biggest troubles was that I believed the medical industry narrative about chemo being my “only” option. It’s completely false. I personally believe that chemo is destructive and ineffective and that’s why I stopped. Radiation absolutely destroyed me and was the worst decision of my entire life. 
    1. Learn about the damage Chemotherapy does 
    2. Learn about Recurrence rates and chemo  
    3. Learn about chemo causing cancer to go dormant 
    4. Learn about efficacy rate of chemo and radiation 
    5. Learn about radiation side affects
  1. LISTEN & Watch these presentations. I’m not sure where else to put these resources but wanted to make sure you had them. 
    1. Ben Azadi – Metabolic Approach to Cancer
    2. Dr Mindy Perez – Fasting and Cancer
    3. Dr Mindy Pelz – Metabolic Syndrome and Cancer 
    4. Owen Video – Cancer Won’t Stop Me 


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