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God doesn’t cure cancer – why Christians pray for the wrong miracle

Why didn’t God cure my mother?

Why did God let my Dad suffer and die?

Why do atheists thrive but I have cancer?

These are questions that everyone is bound to ask at some point in the cancer journey. As a strong Christian man, my beliefs we’re rocked to the core when I received a stage 4 terminal cancer diagnosis in 2020 and everything I thought I knew about God came under scrutiny.

My pastors and my family tried to console me with talk of heaven and my pain ending soon but I didn’t want heaven! I wanted to stay here with my family. I wanted to see my kids grow up and get married. I wanted to be there for my boys in high school.

I wanted a miracle.

But as I began my journey back to full health and full remission I realized that I was praying for the wrong miracle or perhaps better stated: I realized that I did not even need a miracle.

Because the human body is the miracle.

Created by God, this wonderful system of blood and cells and neuro-pathways has everything that it needs to beat cancer and as cancer patients we need to get out of the miracles way and let the body do what God made it to do.

When operating optimally, your body beats cancer better than any chemo. Toxins ingested through our food, through the air and environment, and through traumatic experiences all contribute to poor metabolic health and inflammation which can turn into cancer. Removing those toxins and replacing them with the right foods and fuels will heal your body and make it stronger than ever.

That’s what Metabolic Therapy does.

Metabolic Cancer Therapy kills cancer cells, shrinks tumors, and restores your body to optimal levels without toxic chemicals or pharmaceutical drugs. Metabolic therapy integrates with your chemotherapy and radiation but studies continually show that metabolic therapy works BETTER than standard of care treatments in achieving NED and cancer remission.

Dr Thomas Seyfried is a leading scientist in the Metabolic Cancer Therapy movement at Boston University and has reduced cancer in mice and men all over the world notes that patients ”end up stronger after therapy then when they began.”

So you may be wondering – if metabolic therapy really works- why wouldn’t hospitals everywhere adopt this therapy? Why don’t doctors have everyone do this? That’s what I talk about in the next blog.


End – will write more later! Leave a comment below if you want me to add something or mention something in this blog. Click on my social links to follow my channels.



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