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These Alternative Cancer Doctors Helped Me Beat Stage 4 Cancer

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and you are seeking an alternative care provider than I want to strongly encourage you to contact the doctors on this list below and tell them “Owen Sent Me!”

#1 Dr. Terry Harmon

As a chiropractor and functional medicine doctor, Dr. Terry has a “knack” for treating cancer. He’s a speaker on The Truth About Cancer tour where I found him on YouTube and reached out to him. He’s become my most trusted ally in my successful engagement with cancer. He’s referred me to treatments and modalities that have improved every area of my life including my spiritual well being.

Dr. Harmon is available for virtual and in-person visits.

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#2 Dr. Lori Bouchard

I met Dr. Lori on Instagram and was impressed by how well-respected she is by other leading health advocates. We became friends and I interviewed her on my YouTube channel where I got to see how proficient she is in understanding the disease and how organized she is with her treatment practice. She has really done well in systemizing cancer care so anyone can have success.

Dr. Lori is available for virtual and in-person visits.

Contact Dr. Lori Bouchard
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#3 Dr. Jake Schmutz

Dr. Jake was my first Integrative Oncologist and his original treatment plan set me on the road to beating cancer very quickly. He runs a wellness infusion center in Salt Lake City where he works with cancer, autoimmune, and other patients. He has a team of doctors with multiple specialities including female cancers and nutritionists who offer a variety of integrative and alternative care therapies. He’s also hosts a YouTube channel and podcast where he covers alternative health care news.

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