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Why Your Doctor Won’t Support Metabolic Cancer Therapy AKA Alternative Medicine

As a cancer patient or a cancer caregiver you’ve probably heard stories about someone who beat cancer with juicing or through a plant-based diet or some form of alternative medicine. Immediately you get an image of some hippy woo woo “doctor” chanting and burning incense over a dying cancer patient and you’re skeptical that it works.

You should be.

After all, if alternative cancer therapy could really beat cancer then why wouldn’t hospital doctors and oncologists everywhere tell their patients to do it?

Why would so many people suffer and die from cancer if the answer is so simple?

That’s what I want to approach in this article.

Part 1: Different Fields of Medicine

The first reason that hospitals and mainstream doctors don’t talk about Alternative Therapy because they are Allopathic doctors; it’s outside their specialty.

There are two major philosophical approaches to medicine: Allopathic and Naturopathic. Allopathic medicine is the philosophy of reducing symptoms through pharmaceutical and surgical tactics. The idea is that no symptoms means no disease. Hospitals are allopathic treatment centers which means the doctors and the policies that govern them are based on reducing symptoms through pharmaceuticals or surgical procedures. Obviously, these treatment options often include side affects that may be worse than the disease. Many cancer patients (like my buddy Cooper) die from cancers CAUSED BY the chemotherapy. This is tragic and it should never happen.

But it happens a lot.

While we all know a person or two who got chemo and survived, they are the exceptions. Long term cancer survivors use various forms of the alternative to allopathic medicine. That’s brings us right back to Naturopathic Medicine which is often labeled as ”alternative medicine.”

You can guess which system has more money.

NMD’s (Naturopathic Medical Doctors) use a very different philosophy of finding the root cause of disease (instead of just masking symptoms) and then treating the whole person with non-toxic medications. Many NMD’s can still prescribe pharmaceutical drugs and may also recommend surgery but they are also experts in natural medicines that repair the body. This may include intravenous vitamin C, hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy, a plant-based diet, and even certain forms of psychology.

There are different types of NMD’s and there are therapies that work and therapies that don’t work for reversing cancer. If you are battling cancer you’ll want to explore these doctors:

Integrative Oncologist
Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD)
Chiropractor (not all – but some)
Nutritional Endocrinologist

And you’ll want to explore these therapies (among others):

Keto Diet
Plant Based Diet

Part 2: This is Emerging Science

Doctors today are loaded up. They work massive hours and those hours are often painfully spent with dying people. Its hard to be a doctor and many do not have the time to investigate the latest breakthroughs in cancer research.

Even if they did, the hospital system is a business with policies in place that don’t allow for metabolic therapies just yet. A doctor who works at a hospital can’t just decided to treat a patient with a metabolic therapy – even if they know it works! The hospital has a standard-of-care that was invented decades ago and like any business they have a protocol they must legally follow. So while the metabolic hallmarks of cancer have been known for some time, the systematic administration of the therapies is not systemized or billable; your insurance wouldn’t even know what it is- there are no ”codes” for it.

This is why many cancer patients like me are rugged survivors. We did the research ourselves without much help from our doctors. We scoured the web to learn the science and then found NMD’s who could help get the treatments and then we paid for it out of pocket.

And that’s how you survive.

Chemotherapy and radiation have failed – let’s make no mistake that 1,500 cancer patients die per day from allopathic medicine. But despite their failure, the system in place is designed for chemo and radiation. That’s why it’s called the standard of-care. For example, water-fasting has been shown to be far more effective than chemo but the hospitals doesn’t have the codes, the workflows, the systems, or the protocols for administering a fast to patient. That’s why I’m so dedicated to changing the standard-of-care as fast as possible.

But here’s where it gets hard…

There is no money to be made in fasting or a plant-based diet.

Many of the best therapies for treating cancer are cheap and abundant and our laws do not allow companies to patent fruits, veggies, or natural elements like Vitamin C or DCA. Chemotherapy on the other hand is patentable, its costly for patients, and it’s a very profitable product. The billionaires who run those companies are corrupt and they don’t care about your aunt Sally or your sons lymphoma.

They are after profit and they are not just going to stop making money because their product doesn’t work. They are going to defend their product with massively expensive marketing campaigns that influence every level of our system from financing the education in the medical schools to financing politicians who will pass laws favorable to the status quo.

They spend billions of dollars discrediting Naturopathic Medicine. They call it ”witchcraft” and leverage the willing participants of the FDA to outlaw natural medicines or make them harder to come by. Passing agressive legislation against Compound pharmacies is just one example of many.

They’ll say:

“There aren’t enough studies to support alternative medicine.”

But that’s false. The studies are overwhelming. One only needs to search PubMed or YouTube to find an article, a TedTalk, or a podcast interview with a research doctor like Dr William Li or Dr Thomas Seyfried. Truth is, your hospital doctor doesn’t know they exist and probably wouldnt read the studies if you sent them.

That’s what my Oncologist did. She told me NOT to research the web because it would be filled with false information and she told me that she would read any study that I sent her.

But she didn’t.

This is why the hospitals are filled with dying, sick, bald, people but Naturopathic wellness centers are filled with cancer thrivers like me- healthy, vibrant, and healing. There are always exceptions but as you follow more cancer thrivers (people who beat cancer without chemo) you’ll see that they rejected allopathic medicine and found remission with naturopathic medicine.

The book Radical Remission studied 1,500 cancer thrivers and discovered 9 similarities between all of them. She covers them in the book which I highly recommend you buy on Audible and listen to it all the time. You may want to send it to your family and support network too.

So remember, your doctor is far too busy with a schedule full of dying patients to understand the latest research in non-toxic cancer care. They work for a system that is funded by pharmaceutical sales and that is the focus of every allopathic doctor. By contrast Naturopathic medicine is what long term survivors do and that research is still very new. But if you want to be healthy and thriving through cancer instead of sick, bald, and dying…

Naturopathic medicine – specifically Metabolic Therapies – is your answer.



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