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Your Friend Has Cancer – How can you best support them now?

Watching someone go through cancer is hard. You want to help but often times you don’t know what to say or what to do. You don’t want to overwhelm them or discourage them but you also want to share what you’ve heard about Alternative Therapy and the latest research on cancer care.

How can you best support your friend or loved one as they navigate this experience?

How can you encourage them without overwhelming them?

How do you fight for them when they wont fight for themselves?

That’s what I’d like to talk about in this article. My name is Owen and I’m a recovering stage 4 terminal cancer patient. My doctors told me that I had 2 years to live. That there’s was nothing I could do to extend my time and to get my affairs in order. But today, thanks to my friends and family support system, I am alive and thriving. The cancer is almost completely gone and I have no symptoms.

I am also a high-performance professional. Im the CEO of a YouTube training company and we work with large companies. I read success books and generally speaking, Im a very motivated person.

Not everyone is like me.

There is no way I could have done this without my friends and family helping me and I can only imagine how hard it must be for someone to get a diagnosis and not have that “you can do it” mental attitude.

So I’ve created this list of action steps of how you can support your loved on through cancer! My goal here is NOT to create a list of wailers – people who moan and wail over the tragedy but who don’t actually offer any moral or actionable support.

My goal here is to help you create a support system that defeats cancer in your loved one and keeps it away. My goal is nothing less than transformation and a vibrant cancer-free life.

This will not be easy.

Your friend may reject it.

But they will live.

And they will be grateful that did the hard work.

Step 1: Create Your Inner Circle

When someone you love gets cancer it can be very confusing. There are people you need to tell, people you don’t want to tell; things you need to do and things you need to stop doing. Its a lot and it’s fluid. you will not get it done in one day or one month. You’ll need to get organized and the best way to do that is to create an inner circle of priority friends and family who have committed to providing emotional and physical support IE: rides to the hospital, weekly check ins, dinners or food delivery.

Your inner circle are the people your loved one can cry to. Scream at. Moan and wail with. You should keep this group small and there should be ONE GOAL:

To Beat Cancer.

If the inner circle becomes a “sad and scared” circle then your patient will not make it very far. The inner circle must be the group that motivates and encourages each other and see’s your patient get healthier despite whatever tragic news the doctor gives you.

2. Listen to Radical Remission on Audio

This is so important! It can be easy for a support group to fall apart when everyone in the group has a different idea of what the patient should do. It’s my strong coaching that no matter what happens, no matter what the scans say, no matter what the doctor says, that your support group is committed to total victory – even when times are dark.

Radical Remission is a book that studied 1,500 cancer remission cases and the nine therapies that they all used to heal. This book gave me and my family the understanding that cancer is beatable and gave us a roadmap on how to beat it.

Ensure that everyone in the group buys this book on audio and listens to it. Make this the first thing you guys do as an inner circle. Even having a group session where you all listen to this book together and consider listening to it again when times get tough.

3. Create a GoFundMe account.

Cancer treatment is expensive and Metabolic Therapy is paid out-of-pocket. Insurance will not cover most of those therapies. So you’ll need to raise money. This can be hard because your first thought is “No one will just give us money – everyone has their own struggle!”


While not everyone in your network is driving a Porsche, you will be surprised by who and how many people are willing to donate $20 or $100. My young, unmarried cousin who I’ve met twice in my life donated $20 per month to my fund without ever saying a word! Whether you raise $1,000 or $10,000 is not the issue. Every little bit helps. Raising funds will also give your patient the emotional charge to keep going when times get tough.

Once you create the account, you’ll want everyone in the inner circle to share it on social media and through family email chains. Even asking people at work to help out. We share more advanced strategies on how to do this on our YouTube channel.

4. Create Research Sessions

After reading Radical Remission you’ll learn that cancer survivors take control of their cancer. They show up to their appointments in person and they deal with the news good or bad. You cannot do doctors appointments for your spouse or your parent. They must be able to hear whatever news the doctor has to say and process that news in a healthy way. People who send their spouse and don’t go to their own appointments end up dead.

I’m sorry. It’s the truth.

So create a recurring meetup with your patient to research the cancer and the treatment. This might be every Friday or maybe the first and third Saturday, or maybe Sunday’s after church. These should be small group sessions (even 1:1) where you put on some coffee, listen to great music, pray, and research THE HECK out of your cancer. Read the journals, watch the videos, write your notes down in a cancer journal. The more you know about your enemy the more likely that you will defeat your enemy. Cancer is stupid – it’s a survival malfunction in your cells. Learn how to kill it and you’ll survive.

Use DuckDuckGo instead of Google. Search terms like:

How to kill cancer stem cells
What are circulating tumor cells
What is (my cancer)
How to beat (my cancer)
Alternative therapy for (my cancer)
(my cancer) survivor stories
What is (my chemo)
What are side affects of (my chemo)
Does carrot juice fight cancer
What is angiogenesis
Dr William Li
Dr Thomas Seyfried
Dr Nasha Winters
Chris Wark – Chris Beat Cancer .



.This blog is still being written. Please follow on IG or leave comments below if you have questions or if you want me to add something to this blog.



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